Thursday, 24 June 2010

Pick >> Eat >> Pick Again >> Pay

So my parents came to UK to attend for my Graduation Day!
LOL~ My dad hired a Merz to travel around and it costed 300pounds a day. So this morning, we went to Abingdon, around 18miles away from Oxford where this Q-Farm was situated. The BnB owner, Gordon gave us the direction and then off we go.
Sadly, the "pick-your-own" farm was only open for the strawberries and asparagus. Who the hell wanna pluck asparagus anyway? The farm owner said the cherries are only ready on Friday. Ish~ thats the day my flight is.
On the way to the strawberries farm, we pass by the cherries farm.

This is so called not ready?
OMG... He said that the cherries need a few more days of sunlight but the way I see it, its perfectly ready for me.

So i started plucking them
... ... ...
Until this mega tractor rammed into my way and started spraying pesticide... CCB~

Oh well... gotta made a run for it before I got covered in poison.
So we arrived at the strawberries farm, just a couple of minutes walk and we started our harvest. Saw damn alot of em... was as red as burning ruby red. So much more bigger then the ones you can get at Cameron Highland.

So i carefully plucked one of it, and then I ... ... ...

Looked on the left and realized there was an Angmor there but he probably won't realize my existance since he is busy harvesting himself. Click on the picture to zoom and you will realize he got a sexy ASS~

And then I look right and WTF... Oh, it's just my mum over there.
All clear and lets do this~

LOL~ Curi Makan!!

And indeed, it was the sweetest and biggest strawberry I ever had in my god damned life. Way satisfying then the one you can pluck at Cameron Highland. Not to mention their working staff are CCB Lanci and their strawberries are sour, sweetened only by glucose. Muahahahahaha~ Enjoying my life here in UK!!